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What is the full form of TC?

A transfer Certificate which is shortly known as TC is one of the important documents that the student needs to submit while he transferring from one educational institution to the other. In our country transfer certificate is generally issued at the secondary school level (10th class). The management of the school will issue their respective transfer certificate to the students. This certificate is verified by the people of the board of education. The certificates are attested by the officials of the board of education. By providing this TC  in the institute where he is going to join then they can easily trust the student without any doubt.

Details included in the TC

 Since the transfer certificate is issued as a base or proof that provides the student’s qualification and

 ability. This works as the major documented evidence that an individual can provide it to the institute that they are going to join for further studies. Because as it works as proof it needs to contain all the details of the student. The details that are present in it are,

  1. The full name of the student.
  2. Both father’s and mother’s full name.
  3. Registration number of the student according to his admission.
  4. Academic details of the student.
  5. Date of birth of the students as recorded in the admission log book
  6. Fee particulars (whether the fee amount is paid in regular time or not).
  7. Location where the moles are present for the identity purposes.
  8. Total working days of the school.
  9. Finally remarks related to the behaviour of the student.

This are common details that are present in almost all the transfer certificates. Depending upon the region they include their respective regional languages also which represents their culture.

Method of applying for a transfer certificate

 There is no need for the normal students to apply for the transfer certificate. Because the school itself

 issue the transfer certificate annually for each and every student who are passing out from the school. But some school follow the norms like, the students must need raise a request letter for the issue

 of the transfer certificate. At that time student or the parents of that student should fill an application from and write a letter to the office of the school. After providing the proper details this request will reach either school principal or head master. Then the following process is done in the school.

 *Firstly they will verify the registration number of the student.

 *Then they will check the native residency of the student to verify whether they belongs to that particular region or not.

 *After that they look into the documents that are attached with letter and match the details with admission details of the student.

 *Next the proper official of the school will issue the transfer certificate to the student.

 *This certificate is attested by both the principle and head master.

 *Finally this certificate is sent through post or directly given to the student.

 In this way any person who emergently require the transfer certificate can apply for it.

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 As the process of taking admission in education institute is done digitally school education system also introduced online request raising for the documents that are needed for the student. The student who require transfer certificate can simply write a mail to the official mail of the school. After applying for the transfer certificate the school will provide it within 15 working days.

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