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What Is CS Full Form?

The most interesting course for students to get good career opportunities is “computer science”. The short form of this computer science is CS. Computer science is a branch of science that deals with the technology with the computing structures of the computer. This technology relates both the hardware and software components of the computer system. A person who is an expert in the field of computer science is called as “Computer scientist”. Computer science is a branch of engineering that deals with the technical aspects and information technology.  Various departments that will come under the section of computer science are numerical analysis, Security of databases, Database management systems, Programming languages, Software Engineering, Artificial intelligence and many more.

CS Introduction:

The fast and rapid advancements in computer hardware and computer software have made the origin for the development of computer science. Nowadays this computer science field has become one of the most interesting departments for the study purpose and as well as research also.  Computer science combines the appropriate constructive sciences with technologies that enable science objects to be treated as personal demo pieces of an individual. Its ranges from conceptual and miniature programs to the largest programming language programs that are present in computer science.

Courses offered in CS:

Another definition of computer science is the study of computers, including their design and their functionalities.  Topics that are basically covered in the computer science degree by the institutions of computer science are computer programming, information structures, algorithms, and computer structure. Students who completed the course of Bachelor of study in computer engineering can work as software development, software Technology, code testing, web design, programming, computer systems, databases and computer networking employee.

Eligibility criteria for the CS course:

This Computer science course can be done either in graduation as well as post-graduation also. The requirements to take a CS course are,

In graduation:

The person who needs to pursue the computer science course in the graduation must need to complete their intermediate (12th) education in a recognized college. In any branch and should qualify for the entrance test of the technical education.

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In post-graduation:

After getting the B-tech certificate from their respective college or university. Anyone can apply for the computer science course depending upon their wish to get higher education. The only thing that changes is, in post-graduation, we will take specialized streams like Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Cloud computing, compiler design, operating systems and so on all these things will come under computer science only.

By doing a CS course either in graduation or post-graduation and getting suitable skills one can get a well-paid job in the IT sector.


This computer study curriculum is designed in such a way that it prepares students to focus on their studies as well as to get jobs in computer engineering and research. Upon completion, after studying Computer Science students and children are ready to accept the most prestigious leadership positions in the computer-oriented area. In this position, they are having heavy chances for investigation and internships that are readily accessible both on-campus and outwardly also.

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