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What Is Full Form of RDO?

The full Form of RDO can be described as the Revenue Division Officer. The revenue divisions are the divisional administrative units in every state of India.

What exactly is RDO?

The Revenue Division is an administration division for certain Indian states. It’s a geographical region that covers a number of Tehsils that in turn includes villages. A Revenue Divisional Officer exercises certain administrative and fiscal powers over the area under its jurisdiction.A Revenue division is governed by the Revenue Divisional Officer

Revenue Divisional Officer is the person who is responsible for the Revenue division and includes a Collector, a Deputy Collector, a Sub Collector, and the Assistant Collector.

Revenue Divisional Officer is a promotional Post from Cadre of Tahasildar The sub-collector is being recruited IAS Officer at the beginning phase.

The Revenue Divisional Officer(RDO) is appointed to the taluk offices in one of the districts within the state in question. He reports to the collector as well as the sub collector for that district. He reports to the tahsildar who is basically an employee of the Revenue department, nowadays they self-designate themselves within the ranks and file of the managers of Taluk offices. RDO’s identify themselves to be general manager of Taluk offices.

The job is completed on a case-by-case basis , and typically involves directly contacting people or businesses in arrears of payment.

The Tax Department of Tamil Nadu Officers’ Association filed a complaint for the District Collector informing that the RDO refused to meet with the petitioners and the public during office hours. They also claimed that she was being against the rights of the office and staff members working in the office.

RDO’s purpose

He is primarily accountable for the correct assessment and timely collection of all taxes collected by the Municipality and will be under the supervision by the Dy.Commissioner (R&F) along with the Commissioner.

He oversees the work of both outdoor and inside personnel within Revenue Department. Revenue Department.

The U.S., revenue officers are not revenue agents. This title is given to auditors that review tax returns to spot any mistakes or discrepancies.

They protect and secure government property and land, including irrigation sources, buildings and trees, etc. Monitor the condition of and review leases, transfers alienation, assignment and transfer for Government Lands and take suitable actions following the proper inspections when needed.

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Duty of RDO

In relation to office work, the employee must be attentive to the following work.

  • Postings, transfers, sanctions such as leave, terminal benefits, etc.
  • to exercise a close watch on the staff in terms of maintaining the various Registers and the disposal of papers within different sections that fall under his.
  • He is required to keep a record of the diaries and arrear lists of the assessors as well as tax collectors, and make every effort to ensure the prompt tax collection for the earnings of the company.
  • He must carefully read and hand over documents and files that are forwarded to the Commissioner as well as the Special Officer.

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