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What is the full form of MMA?

Full form of MMA is Mixed martial art. It is an all-contact combat sport that offers a broad range of fighting strategies and techniques that are a mix of different combat sports that can be used during contests. The rules permit grappling and striking techniques when standing or at a table.

Combat sports that combine foot and hand strikes, along with grappling and submissions.

What’s MMA?

MMA is an exciting realm for the people that know it. But, there’s an overwhelming majority of people who aren’t conscious of the concept of MMA or UFC is.

Due to the widespread popularity of the sport in the contemporary world and the plethora of dedicated supporters, there is an extremely large, inaccessible barrier that prevents anyone from entering the world of cage fighting. This barrier is daunting for anyone who is just beginning .

In the time of martial arts, there has always been a debate over which one is best. In 1993 the UFC was the first combat event, which had just three rules that were not to bite eye gouging, no eye-sucking and no grinning shots.

The very first UFC comprised a range in different types of combat artists who came together to determine who was the most effective in their style of fighting.

In the present, MMA has become one of the most viewed combat sports all over the globe with the most famous athletes of the sport taking part at the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Mixed martial art as a concept developing. Before the advent of mixed martial art competition, the only way to train was to learn a specific discipline. Each has strengths and weaknesses, but each is restricted also.

It is a form of combat which teaches one to punch kicks, clinching, kicking and grappling, by combining various styles/systems like Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Wrestling.

Mixed martial art, also known as MMA is the name of the sport that is played in the UFC. UFC is an organization which organizes MMA fights. For instance the NBA could be comparable to the UFC and MMA is comparable to basketball. Anyone is able to learn to train for MMA and play basketball but very few are able to compete in UFC or participate within the NBA.

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Amazing facts of MMA

  • MMA is often described in the context of “fighting with no rules” which is an incorrect term. Rules are in place and they’re quite rigid. The abbreviation is Mixed Martial Arts. The fighter decides on his own what techniques and blows to employ in the fight (of the ones that are permitted).
  • The oldest form of combat that was unarmed, and that is similar to the MMA that we have the present day, was referred to as Pankration. In 648 BC the sport was declared Olympic and later changed into more violent forms in Ancient Rome and also the statues of famous fighters adorned coliseums in cities that they held in. It is evident that the famous gladiators had these skills, one more than one another.

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