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What is the full form of DTP?

Desktop Publishing that is abbreviated as DTP. It is publishing technology that is used to publish high-quality items to the required organization and industries. This technology is basically software for the design and the layout of the pages. A word presser is used in the functioning of the DTP. A digital desktop publishing is used to print large-scale items like academic books, provisional documents and so on. By using the DTP an individual can easily meet their targets of printing documents in the required time.

DTP Introduction:

The process of printing the required information on the paper using the DTP is known as desktop technology. The quality information-obtaining process is quite time consuming in the present days. But this DTP technology brought a drastic change in the section of the printing papers. With the desktop publishing a better looking document can be obtained in a short time including with a low expenditure. At the beginning stage of its introduction almost all the printing publications use this DTP technology. But later on the usage of this technology is decreased due to limited number of the page layouts of the printing format. It is a general purpose printing tool.

Types of desktop Publishing:

Basically this DTP technology is divided into five types. They are Word pressing app, Software editing image, Website of the publishing system, Software graphics, and Page layout software. These are the major types that are present in the desktop publishing. Each type is having a separate tools for the generation and printing of the information. The famous applications that are using DTP technology are, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, Quarkx press, Scribus, Page plus, Express publisher and many more. Creating a digital printable files on the PC can be carried out using the desktop technology.

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Applications of the desktop publishing:

Since DTP is an important tool that is used for printing purposes. Because of which it is having huge applications they are,

  1. All the typing frame works on the basis of the desktop technology.
  2. To build lots of page layouts, designs and portfolios.
  3. In publishing the magazines and weekly news papers.
  4. Graphically software printing industries.
  5. Creates both the electronic pages as well as the virtual pages.


A large amount of printing work can be completed in few seconds by using the desktop technology. By giving the required commands like contrast size, space, color and finally the font style. Immediately after giving these commands the printing process is started. Stabilizing the DTP technology can create a paper with an enhanced look. Outsourcing technology is also available in the DTP. Customization of the document can also be done in DTP. The main feature of this technology is that we can able to preview the page that we created previously and can make the modifications when ever we want according to the requirement. It can also be used in the local distribution of the small-scale multi-functional peripheral layouts.

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