In this post you will understand the meaning of Self obsessed in urdu and also learn the pronunciation of Self obsessed, so you can read this article word by word.

you will also learn how to speak Self obsessed or what is the right way to speak Self obsessed.So just learn Self Obsessed in a minute.Headed learn  Self obsessed meaning in urdu in detail.

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Self obsessed means in urdu:    صرف اپنی زندگی ، اپنی خوشی ، اپنی ظاہری شکل یا کسی اور چیز میں دلچسپی لینا یا سوچنا 
Only a man interested in himself and his activities, a fan of himself, who keeps thinking highly of himself

One who takes too much time to think about himself or her problems, one who is interested in himself, Overly busy with one’s own life and circumstances; Just thinking about yourself.

Self obsessed meaning in urdu

wo aadmi jo sirf apne baare main soochta ho, sirf apne mafad ke baare main soochta ho, jo har kaam main apne zaat keliye soochta ho, apne zindagi main be had busy rehta ho aise aadmi ko english main self obsession kehta hai.


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