What is Lol Meaning In Urdu in chatting? Zor ki Hansi 😰

In this post I will discuss that what is the lol meaning in urdu, Do you use social media? In my opinion, if you are an internet user, then you will be also used to social media.


Social media for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are platforms where we stay connected with people from all over the world. And one word LOL is very popular on these social media.


You may have seen the word lol somewhere. When you are talking to someone, then LOL speaks in the same conversation or you may have written a message to someone by writing LOL, but what is this LOL? LOL’s in Urdu, LOL’s full form, what does LOL mean?


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Many people nowadays use abbreviations to save time, but until the full form of these words is known, we do not know the meaning of this abbreviation. LOL is also an abbreviated form, which will be explained in detail.


Lol Meaning in Urdu زور کی ہنسی
Lol Meaning in English Laughing Out Loud
Lol Meaning in Hindi जबरदस्त हंसी

lol meaning in urdu

If I say in simple words, LOL means Loud Hashi, Loud Hashi. You will know about emoji, nowadays every internet user uses emoji very much, especially when we chat with someone on social media, then emoji send our feelings, thinking and emotion (express) Express) to do.


For example, when we are laughing or when someone is laughing, we send the emoji (😂😁🤣😂), when we are sad or crying, sad emoji (😫😢😭😰). ) To express their moment.


But, suppose you do not have to use emoji and express your happiness in the message or say u in the form of text, then how will you do it? Yes, you can use the word LOL here which means loud thrust.


This word is quite old and it was first used during the year 1980-1990 on Usenet which is a worldwide discussion system. The emoji, on the other hand, has come a long time after the word LOL and it took a long time to reach emoji’s development, that is, as we see today emoji.


LOL is in the form of text so it can be easily typed in any mobile phone, but emoji is a graphical representation that is not there in all mobiles, ie a small phone with no keypad does not have emoji support. However, all smartphones support emojis.


So if you are laughing and have to express it on your mobile-computer, you can use the word “LOL or LOL” or you can use the emoji of the laughing character.


Lol Meaning in urdu is زور کی ہنسی

jab hum English se Urdu main translation Karte hai to word ka Sahi samajna jaroori hai, Urdu main hamesha har word ke kayi meanings hote hai, Urdu main lol ke Sahi meaning hai Zor se Hansi, زور کی ہنسی. es ko aap zoor se hansna bi kah sakte hai.


umeed hai aapko ye samaj aya hoga agar aapko es ke baare main aur bi maloomat leni ho to aap comment box main comment karke pocnh sakte hai.


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