Today in this post I will explain to you that what is anxiety meaning in Urdu and also I will discuss with you that what is anxiety and the overall concerns of anxiety so you can read this post to end because I will explain about anxiety.


Anxiety Meaning in Urdu

Anxiety meaning in Urdu is (Pareshani پریشانی) the second anxiety meaning in Urdu is (bechaini بیچینی ) the third meaning of anxiety in Urdu is (Tashweesh تشویش)

Pareshani پریشانی
Bechaini بیچینی
Tashweesh تشویش

What is anxiety?

It is a mental disease during which the patient features a feeling of negative thoughts, anxiety, and fear with rapid restlessness. Like, sudden hand trembling, sweating, etc. If not treated in time, it is often very dangerous and may cause epilepsy. Further, the patient also can do his own harm.


Lol Meaning in urdu

One of the most reasons for this is often lack of sleep. There are about 50% of people who are unable to get enough sleep.
Studies show that due to lack of sleep, there is an increase of 86% of diseases in the body, of which depression and anxiety are the most common. About 18% of young people in developed countries suffer from anxiety. Women get into more trouble than men.


The study found that 8% of young people suffer from anxiety and depression, with very little mental health care. If left untreated, the symptoms can get worse with age. The advice and help of a good psychologist can be helpful in this regard.

Definition of Anxiety

Anxiety is often defined as a sense of unease, like worry or fear which will be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of hysteria at some point in their life.


What are the overall concerns?

Some common concerns in our day-to-day life sometimes cause anxiety and depression and sometimes the results are often catastrophic.
      • Concern for paying bills or paying installments monthly
      • Preoccupation with employment or more exams.
      • Stage fear i.e. nervousness or anxiety of standing among people.
      • Phobia of fear, like height, fear of being bitten by stray dogs, fear of accident, etc.
      • Grief or anxiety thanks to someone’s demise.


Anxiety sentence examples

  • With every mile he moved closer to the ranch, his anxiety grew.
  • Although he did not speak, Princess Mary noticed and knew how unpleasant he found every sign of concern in her account.


anxiety meaning in Urdu: anxiety ka Urdu main Matlab hai pareshani, bechaini, tashweesh


anxiety aik bemari hai jo kuch logoo ko hota hai jis ko hum shak bi kahte hai, matlab anxiety patient hameesha negative sochta hai, for example, agar ye bemari aik ladies ko hai aur us ka baita school jata hai aur time ko wapis nahi aata.


to wo apne dimaag main negative soochta hai ke mere baaite ka accident to nahi ho gya ho ga ya pir koyi aur masla to nahi ho gya ho ga to esi negative sooch ko anxiety kahte hai.


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