Zimal name meaning in urdu Origin and lucky number

Zimal name meaning in urdu : The name is most important part of a person’s personality, which helps him to be recognized in the society. Especially in Muslim society, the first responsibility of a parent is to tell the child.

The Muslim name Zamal is everyone’s favorite name.On this page you can find all the details related to this name including relationship, lucky number and religion.

Zimal name meaning in urdu

Name Zimal
Gender Girl
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 5
Religion Muslim
Short Name YES
Name Length 5 Letters and 1 Word

The name meaning of Zimal is a deep and very beautiful meaning and is popular among parents because of its good personality traits. The name Zimal in Urdu means PROVISIONS FOR A JOURNEY

The name of Zimal meaning in urdu is PROVISIONS FOR A JOURNEY . the name of zimal is a Muslim girl name Zimal name is originated in Arabic language. Lucky number of Zimal name is 5


Q: What is the name meaning of Zimal?
A: The name meaning of Zimal is PROVISIONS FOR A JOURNEY

Q: What is the Origin of Zimal name?
A: The language of Zimal name is Arabic.

Q: What is the Religion of Zimal name?
A: The Religion of Zimal name is Muslim

Q: what is the length of Zimal name?
A: The Zimal Name is 5 alphabets in 1 word

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Zimal similar name in urdu

Zinat Decoration, Beauty
Zia To Tremble; A Kind Of Grain
Zia Ul Qamar Moon Light
Zina Welcoming; Hospitable,
Ziva In hawaiian meaning is : Bright; Radiant
Zilla Shadow

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